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Booth Staff

Fleetcon welcomes your booth staff! 

Booth Staff are to be registered using the Booth Staff Registration Packet which will be provided to the contact as listed on the Exhibitor registration. If the person listed as the primary contact for the Exhibitor AND they will be working onsite as booth staff, the individual will need to be listed in the Booth Staff Registration Packet.

Each Booth Package comes with a set number of conference passes based on the size of their booth as listed below.

  • 10x10: Two (2) Booth Staff Passes
  • 10x20: Two (2) Booth Staff Passes
  • 10x30: Three (3) Booth Staff Passes
  • 20x20 or 10x40: Four (4) Booth Staff Passes

Booth staff must be registered by August 18, 2017.

BOOTH STAFF REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. If you have not already registered your Booth Staff, you will need to do so onsite. 

Additional Booth Staff

If an Exhibitor wishes to have additional staff above the allotted number for their booth, they must purchase a FULL Booth Staff pass at the prevailing rate of the Attendee Full Conference Pass (pricing can be found on the Attendee page of this site).  We do not make allowances for trading conference badges, or expo only time.