Exhibitor Agenda

Fleetcon 2018 is pleased to announce our full Agenda*. You can view the agenda below.

Monday, September 10, 2018
 7:30 AM      Board FleetPros Board of Directors Meeting
 10:00 AM   All Registration
 10:00 AM     Exhibitors Vehicle Move-in
 12:00 PM Exhibitors All Exhibitors move-in
 12:30 PM  ALL Opening Ceremony & Keynote Speaker - Electrification of the Auto Industry Steps on the Gas - Chelsea Sexton, Industry Advisor - Co-Producer of "Revenge of the Electric Car"
 2:30 PM
 Panel Discussion: Re-inventing the Wheel: Autonomous Vehicle 
  4:00 PM BreakoutsHow to attract candidates to non-traditional careers
Service Contracts:  Define service contracts, identify cost and billing options, explain ways to track contract costs, and identify methods for compliance analyses
 6:00 PM ALL Welcome Reception - Cash Bar

Great Basin Brewing Company

846 Victorian Ave., Sparks, NV

Nevada's oldest and most award-winning brewery.

Featuring Valentine Rodeo band

Tuesday, September 11, 2018
7:30 AM All Registration
 7:45 AM ALL Breakfast in Expo 
 9:00 AMBreakouts On your Side Service
  Seven Habits of Highly-Effective Fleets
US Postal Service Fleet Delivers Results:  From idea to Pilot to Results -Bob David - Virtual Driver Interactive
 10:15 AM ALL Expo  and Resource Center Open
 11:45 PM ALL Lunch & Keynote Speaker - David Lau - Counterterism and Security Professional

Developing Resiliency for Asymmetric Threats

This session will use personal and proven examples of how to not only recover from catastrophic events, but to flourish afterwards and experience an “upward spiral.” For leaders or those with families, developing resilience is not an option.
 1:45 PM ALL Expo and Resource Center Open
 3:30 PM Exhibitors & Fleet Management Considerations for Your Fleet Procurement Process - Panel Discussion
 5:30 PM ALL Awards Reception & Dinner - Cash Bar

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
 8:00 AM ALL Breakfast
 8:45 AM ALL Keynote - Get Past the Crap - Chip Lutz
In this session you will be given tools to unclog your mental plumbing and create a mindset that will help you become a better leader in your family, your work and your community.
 10:00 AM ALL Expo and Resource Center Open
 11:40 AM ALL Lunch
 1:00 PMBreakouts How to successfully select & implement Telematic Solutions. 
This session is designed for Fleet Managers to focus around three key business practices: aligning your solution with your agency's key service level indicators, ensuring you obtain buy-in from all affected groups, and preparing your agency and resources to manage the changes that come with implementing new technology.
 Don't Borrow Jacks! Controlling Anger Before it Controls the Team
 Fleet Electrification: What a fleet manager needs to know about using electricity to fuel vehicles.
Discuss energy as a fuel including utility rates and demand charges.  Discuss types of vehicles, range and available infrastructure and the impacts on performance and operations. Describe real life applications, costs and challenges with implementing a 100% electric fleet.
 2:45 PMBreakouts Promoting or Demoting your Fleet Organization
  Generations in the Workplace
   How to Prepare for an Active Threat - David Lau
This session will be a step in that direction, by laying out a simple and effective template that you can use in your workplace to prepare for an active threat.
 4:30 PM ALL Closing Reception - Hosted by FleetCon 2019 - Arizona

National Automobile Museum

10 Lake St, Reno, NV 89501

Harrah’s Collection – selected as one of top 10 best transportation museums in the US.

*Agenda is subject to change should circumstances necessitate.