Education is a continual process; from daily interactions to structured classroom settings and conference sessions. Join us in Sparks, Nevada to:
  • hear what is working in peer organizations
  • learn what may be coming in the future
  • and develop a plan to meet future needs.
The Fleetcon curriculum is designed to provide professional development opportunities for fleet professionals at all levels within the operation of your fleet agency. The curriculum addresses topics that you are faced with everyday and will help prepare you for the upcoming changes in the industry.

Education and training are investments in the human assets within your organization. Having the knowledge to do things right the first time saves money and time which results in increased ROI for your customers and organization. Being aware of trends and changes allows you to better plan and be more proactive in service and management.

Our Agenda is designed to encourage professionals to expand their fleet knowledge base and stay up-to-date on new developments. The agenda offers several tracks from which you can choose:
  • Fleet Management
  • Future Leaders
  • Specialty Sessions
Attendees will gain professional and effective insight and experience to build up their confidence working through real world typical problem solving that you can apply in real life. You will learn and practice methodologies that can be directly applied to personal situations.